Isn’t it illegal to delete accurate items?

We don’t have the power to delete anything. The investigation departments at each credit bureau are the ones who delete items. All we can do is dispute. There is nothing illegal about asking for verification of a negative item. The FCRA was designed so people like you can ask for verification.

How does your pricing compare to the competition?

Credit repair companies will charge you $100 per month for 6-12 months. We charge $35 for the intial credit report review and creation of your dispute letters. After the disputes results return in the mail you pay us $20 per deletion. The maximum deletion fee is $250. The deletion fee is per bureau. If we get the same item off 2 bureaus, the price is $40. If we get the negative item off all 3 of your reports, the price is $60. Don’t be alarmed about too many deletions because the maximum fee is $250.

Do all deletions cost the same?

Yes, all deletions are $20. Judgements, charge offs, collections, every deletion is $20 per bureau. 

Can you dispute my credit inquiries?

We don’t dispute credit inquiries. If you say you didn’t make the credit inquiries, then it looks like someone stole your identity and is trying to get credit cards in your name, which can put a red flag or fraud alert on your credit report. Disputing credit inquiries can cause you a bigger headache.

Can I send you my Credit Karma Report?

Credit Karma only uses Equifax and Transunion. We can take your accounts from that and ASSUME that they are also on your Experian credit report. So yes, you can use credit karma, but Credit Check Total or another true 3-in-1 report is highly recommended.

Which credit reports do you accept?

We prefer Credit Check Total. You can sign up with Credit Check Total for only $1 and get a 3 bureau credit report. We will accept any 3-in-1 credit report that shows all three bureaus side by side. We don’t accept free credit reports because they are 20-35 pages long and take a very long time to type every detail into our dispute system. We have the best prices because we process your disputes quickly and efficiently. We need a 3-in-1 credit report to do that.

How Do I Send You My Credit Report?

Save your credit report online into PDF format and email it as an attachment to your account manager. The process is very simple.

How can I trust your company with my personal information?

You have to trust us with your personal info, and we have to trust you to pay us the deletion fees after we get the deletions for you. The trust goes both ways, it’s a fair exchange. We delete all your information from our database once the dispute process is over.

How long does it take to get the results in the mail?

You will get your results in 30-45 days.

What do I do after getting my credit repair results in the mail?

Contact your account manager for review. You will then receive an invoice for the deletion fees.

What negatives can I dispute?

You can dispute any negative on your report, including collections, bankruptcy, charge-offs, etc. Disputing late payments may cause the whole account to be deleted. Some clients are okay with that, and some are not. Make sure to tell your account manager exactly what you want done.

Is there a performance guarantee?

It is illegal to guarantee credit repair results. No one has inside connections with the credit bureaus. Everything is 50/50. Either the negative account will come off the credit report, or it won’t. The good thing is that you are only risking $35 to get started. Enroll and see what happens.

Do you do multiple rounds of disputes?

We do 1 round of disputes. The process takes 30-45 days.  Sending in the same stuff over and over doesn’t produce the results that you would think. The collection company or creditor will just keep verifying it, and you risk the chance of the credit bureaus labeling your disputes as frivolous, which means they won’t accept any more future disputes on your negative account. It is best to wait at least 3 months before doing another round of disputes. Any company that tells you differently is just trying to milk you for those monthly payments.

What forms of identification do you need?
  1. Driver’s License or Passport (DL is better)
  2. Social Security Card (Mandatory)
  3. Utility bill – Water or electric – (SEE BELOW)


How do I send you copies of my Driver’s license and Social Security card?

We prefer Scan and Email. Your Account Manager will work with you on getting all the information needed to prep your disputes. You can also take a clear photo with your Smart Phone. Your Account Manager will give you clear and easy instructions on how to send your documents.

Do you have a credit repair software for clients?

No we don’t. Credit repair client portals look cute, but they don’t have a major impact on the process. Most clients only login 1-2 times and forget their password anyway. Most of our clients rather just communicate over text and email. There are 3 emails with your account manager. The first is the welcome email to get your credit information,  a second email to let you know your dispute letters are in the mail, and then a third email when your results come back.


The maximum deletion fee is $250. If you get 12 deletions you pay $240, if you get 13-50 deletions you pay $250.

Where is your company located?

We are in Salt Lake City Utah. We run a small and efficient operation.

Mailing Address

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3556 S 5600 W # 464

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